Equibase Workout Results

What Makes Us Different

Our unique training style exposes horses to many traffic scenarios to get them accustomed to a raceday environment. We work sets of two to five horses on the track at the same time to teach the young trainees to relax in company.

When your horses graduate from our training facility they are fully equipped to enter a race. They will be well schooled with the pony, have their gate card and have three published works.

We do not consider ourselves pinhooking trainers, but rather experts in getting a young horse ready to be a racehorse. We welcome any questions you may have and look forward to working with you.

Individual Care

Unlike human athletes, equine athletes can not tell you when they have a problem. That is why it is so important to have true horsemen working around your horses. Our staff members are all hand-selected and experienced with training horses. There is a big difference between working in the breeding industry and the training side of our business.

Tony and Elizabeth Everard are hands-on trainers who are first at the farm every morning ensuring that your horses gain the benefit of their knowledge and experience. It is their belief that a training center should be not like an assembly line and that you can’t just use a cookie cutter approach with horses. That is why they only employ staff members who are experienced in training.

At New Episode your horses will have an individualized training routine and feeding program. They won’t just throw two scoops of feed and a flake of hay twice a day; they will monitor each horse’s diet and create daily feeding programs that ensure proper nutrition for each horse.

Attention to Detail

In any successful business, attention to detail is a key ingredient; at New Episode Training Center it is one of our core values. The equine athlete can have a lot of “little problems” that if not attended to in a timely manner can quickly become major ailments or even career threatening injuries.

For this reason it is important that you have a team of people that know what to look for and the ability to catch any problems early. That is why our team is trained to pay attention to detail on a daily basis.

We have routines in place that guarantee each horse is looked over before going to the track. This way a horse will not be trained if there is a fever present or lameness in any area of their body.

Our goal is to have your athlete ready for the racetrack; for that to happen it takes a tremendous amount of organization and knowledge. With our 40 years of experience you can feel confident that New Episode has the ability to produce a quality racehorse that is fit and ready to take you to the winner’s circle.
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